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Dear Friends,

I must say that the world has certainly changed in recent weeks, as it comes to terms with the onslaught of this horrid coronavirus – Covid-19. As I sat in our beautiful church yesterday, all alone, my mind wandered, and I imagined what the historic walls of our church would say if they could speak….

 Perhaps they would speak of wars, plagues, insurrections, storms, floods, kings, knights, peasants, fisherman, villagers, visitors, then there would be words of hope, love, joy and peace. There would be music, laughter, singing; or tears of joy, and tears of sorrow, of many thoughts and countless prayers. The welcoming hello and final farewell. Not to forget grand processions, or a single child running up the aisle. A great peal in celebration, or a sombre muffled bell. The smell of incense or fresh brewed coffee after morning worship. A smile, or the occasional glare. Of sinners set free or those too burdened to tell, of a choir in full voice, or that still small voice of calm, oh if these walls could speak! Ultimately, they are just walls, albeit fine ones, yet what makes them more than this are the countless generations which have inhabited them. The people of God.

 As Christians it is our faith that unites at this difficult time along with a common purpose.  We must remember, Ex fide fortis, that from faith comes strength. Our faith will sustain us in these coming weeks and months and no doubt it will be tested. Yet we should not be surprised at this, for the scriptures make it clear that we will surely face adversity in life so we will need to rely upon our faith and one-another. AsChristians we are never without hope – for we are an Easter people.

 We will embrace Easter, in our homes and in our hearts; as we do so we are reminded that God chose to become like us in order to transform the poverty of our nature and give us life –life to the full and welling up to eternity.

My brothers and sisters whatever we face in the coming months let us not lose sight of the resurrection hope which is the crowning truth of our faith. There is no person or situation beyond its reach.

Be assured of my daily prayers for you all.


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