A very warm welcome to all children and families!

Holy Trinity Church is very active in the support of its younger members and young families are a strong feature of our main Sunday morning Eucharist. During that service, the youngsters may attend their own classes  and on the second Sunday each month the readings, prayers and the ‘sermon’ slot always feature them as participants.

The Bosham Church Choir has always encouraged young singers to join, whilst other children prefer to take on more ceremonial responsibilities as servers. Confirmation classes are organised each year in the Spring and for more information, please contact the vicar.

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Groups and Activities

BISkids is an offshoot of BISCuit and is a collection of resources for parents and kids who are stuck at home:
Little Bosham Church is a collection of Sunday school resources and videos for church kids:
Lockdown Lighthouse is a group for older church kids:
If you would like to find out more about Bosham Youth Group, please contact Lauren van Niekerk at lauren@jasalawi.co.uk

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Junior Church

For children from school age onwards, Junior Church offers a great opportunity to meet other young people and a chance to learn more about Christianity. Junior Church Groups are held every Sunday at the 9.30 service, apart from the second Sunday of each month when there is a family service. During this service parents and children can assist and become involved with the service itself, helping out with readings or altar serving.

Junior Church is arranged into three age groups:

Crumbs – Year R to Year 2

Chunks – Year 3 and 4

Loaves – Years 5 and 6

Children leave for their classes before the bible readings and return during the Offertory Hymn.  There is a creche for babies and pre-school children.

Junior Church Planners:

Junior Church Overview 2017 PLANNER 2017

Junior Church Overview 2018

Junior Church Overview 2019

Junior Church 2020 PDF Format

There is an amazing team of group leaders for Junior Church who lead a great range of activities aimed at helping children to explore Christianity, through understanding readings and stories from the bible as well as developing a feeling of a vibrant Christian community as young people.

The Junior Church activities take place in a range of rooms leading off the main church and starts just before the readings in the service. Please ask any of the welcoming guides on arrival at the church any questions if you are unsure of where to go!

Parents are welcome to join in with the groups and may like to move on to becoming a leader themselves. We have a brilliantly supportive team who meet during most terms to plan new ideas and socialise!

If you would like to chat some more about any aspects of Junior Church for your family, please contact Saleigh Gordon on saleighgordon@hotmail.com