Bosham Burial Ground

When Holy Trinity Churchyard was closed in 1902 Lord Gifford, the Lord of the Manor, gave the land for the Burial Ground to the Church and this is managed on its behalf by the committee of the Bosham Burial Ground Association.   Membership of the Association is open to individuals and corporate groups who are interested in the upkeep of the Burial Ground and willing to contribute financially on an annual basis. Bosham Parish Council, Bosham Association and the Roman Catholic Church are all corporate members.  The annual subscription for individuals is £10 and as the Association is a charity, individual members who pay tax are encouraged to use gift aid for their subscriptions and donations.

More information on the Bosham Burial Ground Association can be found in our leaflet below:


To join, please see our membership form and bankers order form below:

Membership form 2019

Banker’s Order Form

For more information, please contact the Secretary of the BBGA:

Secretary:  Judy Stern –

Grave Index

The following PDF documents allow you to search graves by name or by location.

Name index BBG Aug 2017

Diagramatic Plan August 2017

A Guide to Bosham Burial Ground

A PDF guide to the Bosham Burial ground can be downloaded using the following link.

Bosham Burial Ground Regulations

Application for the Introduction of a Memorial

To make an application for the introduction of a memorial into Bosham Burial Ground, please complete the form in the pdf document below:

Memorial Application Form


Bosham Burial Ground Regulations

The burial ground is a consecrated churchyard extension and is therefore subject to regulations which are made to encourage ease of maintenance and some conformity and also to prevent such problems as broken vases or pots, or shabby artificial flowers being left on graves, and also overgrown shrubs and trees encroaching on other graves or even causing damage to memorial stones.


Agreed by a Faculty on December 2nd 2015

Spring bulbs and small annuals may be placed in the soil of the grave.  It is regretted that trees are not permitted.

Wreaths and cut flowers placed on graves and plants and flowers in containers will be removed, when withered, by those authorized to do so.

No artificial flowers or foliage may be placed on or about graves and, if so placed, will be removed together with any containers.

Exceptions are made, however, for Remembrance Day poppies and ‘Christmas wreaths, which will only be removed after a suitable lapse of time.

Kerbs, railings, fencing or chippings are no longer permitted as these create difficulty or danger when mowing.  Existing examples of such graves must be adequately maintained.

For the avoidance of doubt and disappointment we regret that the following items are not permitted:  mementoes, photographs, portraits, windmills, toys or animals and, if so placed, will be removed.

Integral sockets in the base of a headstone for flower vases are permitted.

Freestanding stone vases may be permitted as long as the stone is the same as the rest of the memorial (it matches that of the headstone or horizontal ledger).  Any other containers, preferably aluminum, should be sunken.  Glass containers of any sort are not permitted.

Applications for memorials must be made to and approved by the Vicar or Consistory Court.