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Bosham Lives and Obituaries

Bosham Lives

Pat Fenn wrote the potted biographies of 54 Bosham residents between 2001 and her death in 2011. These are the most recent ones, and where to find them:

Denise St Aubyn Hubbard: July 2009 p.12
Mike Whittle: November 2009 p.18
Tom Inman: January 2010 p.14
John Lippiett: March 2010 p.17
Mervyn Banting: September 2010 p.16
Richard Evans: December 2010 p.16
Bud Cooper: February 2011 p.16
Martin Lane: April 2011 p.16
Jane Walker: October 2011 p.12

These ‘Bosham Lives’ articles were written by people other than Pat Fenn:

Pat Fenn: May 2011 p.16
John Clink: January 2012 p.16


Margaret Amos: March 2018 p.22
Rev David Marsden-Jones: February 2018 p.14
John Birchenough: July 2017 p.7
David Stear: June 2017 p.7
Frances Messenger: June 2017 p.17
David Lacey: May 2017 p.14
Sonner Gilbey: February 2016 p.7
Brian Currell: August 2015 p.7
Kevin Jamieson: March 2014 p.17
Angela Bromley-Martin: March 2013 p.12
Sue Pleasance: July 2012 p.10
Eric Hinkley: April 2012 p.15
Pat Fenn: January 2012 p.11

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