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Update on ‘Room for Growth’ – Number 5

 The New Development Group (NDG) continues to meet regularly and is working diligently on the many aspects of the consultations, whilst further considering the space needs of the church.
The many ‘user groups’ in the Holy Trinity community have responded to questionnaires detailing their use of space and this information is being analysed. The options suggested at the public consultations are being considered in detail.
The group is also continuing to look at the stand-alone option. It is understood that any additional space will have to be specifically detailed and justified.
Further work on the Statement of Need and Option Study continues. In the meantime, the group has addressed what can be done in the short term to alleviate the problems of lack of space.
1. The alternative venue of Bosham Sailing Club for the older members of Junior Church was explored from Nov to Jan and deemed unsuitable for distance and health and safety issues.
2. During January 2017, an off-site temporary Church Office was established and the Risograph printer moved from the Sacristy. Filing cabinets were moved to create more space in the first floor tower room.
The Holy Trinity Church family is an active part of the local community. As a church, we are guided by the diocesan strategy, which states “Every benefice to have a plan in place for Christian growth and nurture and a credible but strategic target for numerical growth”.
New Development Group on behalf of Bosham PCC 11th May 2017

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