Friends of Children in Romania is based in the Carpathian mountains in eastern Romania. In three homes in the village of Harja, the charity offers:

  • A secure and happy home to children who have none
  • A home where each child can be loved and cared for as an individual
  • A home where each cares for one another as in the families they don’t possess

The first children came to the charity out of the notorious orphanages of the Communist regime. These children are now grown up, at university and in training, beginning to make lives of a kind they might never otherwise have hoped for, but often still dependent on emotional and financial support.

Each year a small team from Holy Trinity Church go to Romania – this December, we will be taking money and clothing to support the children, entrusted to the care of Friends of Children in Romania.

Thank you for helping make their Christmas special!

For more information on the impact your donation will have upon the lives of the Children of Harja, please visit their website here.